Membership Pricing: Real Estate Agents

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Membership plans allow you to promote your Business Profile in your choice of cities and towns which are limited to 12 seats in each of the eight niche real estate agent categories. If you have a Complimentary Seat, and the 12-seat limit has been reached in any of the real estate agent niche programs where your name appears, a new Reserved Seat member can bump a Complimentary Seat member. There will be no grace period or warning. If you reserve individual counties or the entire state, these programs may be shared by more than one person

Complimentary Seat

FREE No Annual Fee
  • Temporary Seat
  • Subject to being bumped
  • Personal Dashboard
  • Business Profile
  • Post your personal website
  • Personal or company website link
  • Post your Social Media sites LinkedIn – Instagram - Facebook – Twitter

Reserved Seat

$10 Annual Fee
$ 10 Annual Fee per City/Town
  • Everything In Complimentary Seat
  • Reserved Seat
  • Renewal Protection

State and Counties

Annual Fee Varies
Varies Annual
  • Great for multi-office locations
  • Distribute to your agents
  • Customized plans