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Agents are divided into six niche categories. Click on a category where the agent’s expertise in that area is appropriate for your housing needs.

Choosing a buyer’s agent to represent you during your home buying search is one of the best decisions you can make. The buyer’s agent you choose has a fiduciary (legal) responsibility to represent you and help guide you through the home buying process. You are their client. They are not a salesperson and have no connection with the homeowners. They should be offering you professional advice and always keep your best interest in mind above all others including their own. They are skilled in negotiating and can help find properties not listed in the MLS. You should insist that your buyer’s agent post your housing needs on the Buyer’s View website so that you can reap all the advantages and opportunities to see homes that are not listed in the MLS. Your personal identity will always remain anonymous.

 Our advice, do not start the home buying process without a good buyer’s agent in your corner. Another first step for your home buying team should be contacting a mortgage broker/lender that will help guide you through the mortgage process and give you an idea of how much home your annual income can purchase. 

There are many down payment assistance programs that you may be able to take advantage of. Many of these programs could also assist you with your closing costs. Find Lenders and Mortgage Brokers

These agents specialize in listing properties for sale and have experience in presenting the homeowner with a competitive market analysis. (CMA) This analysis will help determine what a fair market selling price will be for the property. They are skilled in negotiating and helping to protect the interests of the homeowner. They will guide the homeowner all the way through the closing process.

A senior’s housing needs are not the same as a first-time home buyer or seller. You might be looking to retire, downsize, or join in active adult community. Whatever reason you may have for considering a move, you can depend on an SRES agent to guide you through every part of the process.

 Some savvy real estate agents do not have the SRES designation. But they do have the experience and time in the business to help seniors with their real estate housing needs. Most agents would be able to represent you as a buyer’s agent and also be a good choice to represent you in selling your present home.

When purchasing a home to be built, you should have an experienced new construction buyer’s agent on your side. The other professional you should seek out immediately is a mortgage broker/lender that specializes in new construction loans. There are multiple ways to take advantage of the equity in your present home in order to start new construction prior to your home selling. Your existing buyer’s agent could also be a good choice to represent you in selling your present home.

New construction can be stressful. There are so many decisions to be made that do not exist when purchasing an existing home. That is the advantage of having an experienced new construction buyer’s agent on your side. They will hold your hand and guide you through any stressful times. The reward of moving into your new home that no one else has ever lived in, is a feeling you will cherish for a lifetime.

These agents specialize in listing and selling Equine Farms & Country Properties. Many of them owns horses and farm animals and live the life they are marketing.

A word of caution here. Most of the rental agents are going to be representing the landlord and not you. That should not be a problem if you understand that up front. Be sure you clarify whether there are any fees/charges that you will be responsible for.