Frequently Asked Questions – Agents

How can I obtain an advertising position and who qualifies?
  • Buyer’s View will establish Buyer Agent experts in every community across the country.
  • As a real estate Buyer Agent, you can reserve an advertising position and be seen in the areas you choose to serve.
  • The reserved advertising positions are fee-based and open only to active and licensed Buyer Agents.
How do I prove my personal training and experience?
  • You have to be a licensed agent with experience and training in Buyer Agency.
  • Display your professional designations from a recognized real estate authority showing your personal training and competence.
  • Our Buyer Agents will have assisted in several Buyer Agency transactions that have closed successfully.
How do we treat the consumer fairly?
  • A homebuyer should have a good cross section of agent professionals to choose from. Buyer’s View will restrict the number of advertising positions that can be reserved by any one independent office or franchise brand.
  • Buyers View will attempt to have at least three individual offices to choose from for every community highlighted in our database.
Does a reserve advertising positions take precedent over a temporary FREE seat?
  • Yes! Seats occupied for FREE on a month-to-month basis will eventually be displaced by paid advertisers. The oldest FREE position will be displaced first by the next agent advertiser purchasing a 12-month subscription.
  • An agent wishing to keep their current FREE advertising position will be invited via email to join and purchase an annual subscription.
What happens if I decide to change real estate offices?
  • If an existing member decides to change real estate offices and that transfer causes the maximum restriction rule to come into force, they will only be allowed to retain their seat through the end of their subscription period for that community.
May I purchase an advertising position in more than one city or town?
  • Yes, you may reserve positions under the Buyer Agent category by attesting to your personal training and experience and if,
  • The reserved advertising position does not exceed the Buyer’s View maximum restriction rule.
How will Buyer’s View, choose advertisers if there are more applicants than positions available.
  • We intentionally are limiting the number of advertising positions in each community to a seasoned, cross section of Buyer Agents. Consumers need competent agents to assist them in their housing search and negotiations.
  • Agents are advised to complete their profiles, testimonials and add designations as appropriate to convey their professionalism and history to homebuyers. Buyer’s View reserves the right to vet these descriptions and remove any erroneous information and/or the subscriber.
What if I want to cancel my reserved advertising position?
  • Send Buyer’s View a notice within 30 days of the expiration date and you will not be charged for the next subscription time frame. Seats not canceled will be automatically renewed for another annual subscription and will be charged to the same credit card. Updated credit card information should be shared with Buyer’s View. Expired cards should be updated so you do not lose your seat for non-payment.
  • Any reserved advertising position that expires and is not renewed within our 5-day grace period will automatically revert to Buyer’s View and will be available to be assigned to another agent.
What are the monthly fees for membership?
  • Buyer Agents can sign up for an advertising position in up to five communities of their choice.
  • Subscriptions for each are paid in advance via credit card only. A 12-month subscription is $100.00 per community. An agent’s profile can be present in a maximum of five communities within a single state.