Buyer’s View Guarantee

Buyer’s View Guarantees You A Prospect
  • Buyer’s View guarantees to bring you a prospect or it’s FREE.
  • Prospects will contact you directly during the INITIAL six months OR ONE YEAR subscription period.
  • Prospects will download or view one or more of your FREE REPORTS.
The FREE REPORT program is:
  • A featured benefit and part of your Business Profile.
  • Content provided free to you.
  • A part of our platform which provides branding and contact information.
How does it Work?
  • Consumers enter their first name and email address to activate the FREE REPORTS.
  • The consumer information and their requested report is captured and automatically sent to your Personal Dashboard.
  • You track which FREE REPORTS are the most popular allowing you to replace less popular reports with new ones.
  • After activation the requested report will appear on the Consumer’s screen to be read in downloadable PDF format.  It can also be forwarded as an email to a friend or family member.
  • YOU send them a “Welcome” or “Thank You” email and follow-up from there.
  • No more overpaying for third-party referrals.
  • No more making numerous cold calls just to discover you are one of four or more agents trying to solicit the Prospect’s business.
Consumer's Side
  • Reducing or eliminating calls from total strangers.  Sounds like a rejection waiting to happen!
  • When contact is made Consumers already know who you are. The Buyer’s View professional format allows Consumers to make an informed decision:
    • Consumers will browse through your Business and Personal profile
    • Read Testimonials
    • Contact the BOSs™ Buyer’s Agent of THEIR choice which could be you
    • Consumers use our Exclusive and Prestigious BOSs Board of Professional Buyer Agents and choose the Buyer's Agent that is right for them!
PAID Reserved Seats Guarantee
  • If you do not receive a prospect during your INITIAL six months OR Twelve Month subscription period, Buyer's View will continue to extend your subscription on a month-to-month basis for FREE until you receive your guaranteed prospect.
  • Buyer’s View retains the right (at our sole discretion) to cancel your subscription at any time after the INITIAL six months subscription period and refund your money.
  • If you do not receive your guaranteed prospect, instead of continuing your subscription, we will for FREE, on a month-to-month basis, continue to promote you until a prospect is obtained.
  • After receiving notice of a possible cancellation and refund from Buyer's View, the agent can select to continue reserving their BOSs seat by making another six months subscription payment at that time.
  • The Guarantee does not apply for cities / towns of less than 4000 in population.