Buyer’s Place Your Housing Needs Here For Free!

July 1, 2019


First 2 View, Inc.
PO Box 713
Salem, NH 03079

Jeffrey D. Rapson, President & CEO
Phone: (603) 660-1119

Buyer’s Place Your Housing Needs Here For Free!

Manchester, New Hampshire– Buyer’s View now lists unrepresented Buyers. We now allow Buyers to enter their needs and we will match them up to Buyer Agents on our site. We feature Buyers who have expressed their needs by town, price and home features — anonymously.  

By featuring prequalified Buyers anonymously linked to their Buyer Agents; sellers and their agents can more quickly find a suitable Buyer. Agents can reduce advertising budgets, serve more Buyer clients, and do it more effectively. Buyers and Buyer agents why spend hours house hunting?  Sellers can easily find buyers for their home at It costs nothing for REALTORS® to display their profile, highlight the communities they do business in and win new Buyer representation agreements. Better still, those potential Sellers reviewing Buyers on our site, may also be looking to see who the active Buyers and agents are in their hometowns. It’s a win, win, win; sellers, buyers and agents, waste less time, make more connections and more transactions likely occur sooner … best of all, it’s FREE.