Announcing Buyer’s View Mortgage Resource Center

April 5, 2019


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Jeffrey D. Rapson, President & CEO
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Announcing Buyer’s View Mortgage Resource Center

Manchester, New Hampshire– Buyer’s View today announced a new free to use Mortgage Resource Center (MRC). This announcement follows an earlier commitment made by Jeff Rapson CEO to a crowd of investors in mid- February 2019.  The MRC allows consumers shopping for mortgages to receive information directly from prospective Lenders.  Buyer’s View is building out a national portal site that features all professionals that are needed to complete a real estate transaction.  Real Estate consumers can now visit one site with links to Lenders; like mortgage brokers, banks and credit unions.

The MRC is Buyer’s View (BV) latest initiative to help consumers have a much better real estate search experience. BV’s site bridges the gap linking real estate and lending professionals. makes sense of mortgage information and choice and encourages consumers to get pre-approved earlier in the home to buying process. The company said on April 1st, it was doubling down on its consumer out-reach to attract active homebuyers in the spring market. Consumers can simply fill in their needs on our form in a matter of minutes and Buyer’s View will help make an introduction to a licensed lending professional that services the town(s) they want to shop in.

The company’s updated portal to be launched in early May offers search features letting local Realtors and Lenders be seen in communities they choose to serve. Buyer’s View goal of streamlining and simplifying real estate transactions is key to a smooth home search and buying process, reducing consumer stress and time lags. Meeting the right professionals is key to a great home buying experience and successfully completing the myriad of legal processes and transactions needed to own a home.  

Features like Buyer’s View Reverse Offer can also help Sellers get their home sold more quickly. For Sellers, knowing that financing pre-approvals are already in place, makes the sales process work in a more timely manner. “With Buyer’s View, Mortgage Resource Center, being available to NH homebuyers in early May, we are taking an incredible step forward to deliver an integrated platform of licensed professionals involved in the complicated real estate transaction space.  These professionals are needed to provide a seamless transaction experience for the homebuyer, reducing stress and missteps. When professionals are involved early on and working well together, the process is far less haphazard for today’s home shoppers.  

“Helpful information available on the MRC is provided by Buyer’s View to all Real Estate consumers. An informed consumer is key to reducing the process complications and making the experience to understandable to a home purchaser. We help bridge the introduction processes professionals early on and educate them along the way. Delivering helpful engaging content to aid in the on-line real estate experience and is what today’s consumers have come to expect”, said Lara Gray, Buyer’s View, Director of Marketing.  Buyer’s View is projecting annual revenue of $10 million over the next three years as lenders and agents purchase subscriptions to advertise their business profiles on BV’s national portal. The new Mortgage Resource Center is designed to feature Lender and Agent Profiles and the Buyer’s needs anonymously. The MRC now makes it easy for Buyers to meet Lenders and Agents seamlessly on one platform.