Where do sellers find buyers?

Conventional real estate marketing platforms such as the Multiple Listing Services and on-line platforms such as Zillow Trulia and Realtor primarily list properties that are for sale. The hope is that unidentified buyers eventually take an interest in the property and contact the seller’s agent or an agent advertising on these dot com sites. This can be very frustrating as seller’s agents want to find the perfect qualified buyer for their client’s property — immediately. In today’s market the goal is to match buyers and seller quickly and efficiently. The process can be slow going at times, Buyer’s View changes that dynamic. Furthermore, FSBOs (for sale by owners) and other off market (non MLS) properties are virtually invisible to home buyers and buyers’ agents.

The solution is Buyer’s View – where prospective, qualified buyers and their agents are showcased to sellers’ agents and unrepresented home sellers (FSBO). BV showcases anonymous, qualified buyers using the buyer agents as a point of contact. Sellers’ agents can review and shop for qualified buyers in their specified housing market by accessing the BV registry and contacting the buyer’s agent directly. 

Through the BV platform FSBO and homes not already listed in the MLS can see buyers in their market and can increase the chance of finding their prospective buyer using the BV portal. The homebuyers dramatically increases their exposure to the seller’s market and in a tight housing market, this is a significant advantage for both buyers and sellers.

Better still, an unrepresented homebuyer will be able to connect and contract with a buyer’s agents that will help them navigate through the buying process. Buyer’s View facilitates this by showcasing a Board of Specialists (BOSs™). The BOSs is comprised of a limited number of buyers’ agents who have qualified and paid to be showcased.  In the local BOSs, the homebuyer can browse through the listed-buyer agent’s personal profiles. Unrepresented home buyers can select a REALTOR® instead of getting unsolicited calls by brokers from one of the non MLS listing portals.

Buyer’s View does not sell referral leads but instead showcases quality, seasoned, professional Realtor® buyer agents giving the consumer a choice of brokers they prefer to work with. All boards will be comprised of agents from at least three real estate firms, providing a good mix of brokers and local or franchise brands.