Once you post your homebuyer clients on the Buyer’s website, here’s what’s going to happen. FSBOs for certain, will soon make Buyer’s View their first stop and contact you directly asking about your buyer. You get a chance to create a dialogue with them but remember to immediately disclose you represent the homebuyer. Your discussion may end up in a showing of the seller’s property to your buyer clients.

Even if your clients are not interested in the property, it could end up as a potential listing lead for you in the future because of the relationship you have established. Also, because your client is not interested in the homeowner’s property, you may offer to post their “needs and wants” and represent them as a buyer’s agent on the Buyer’s View website if they plan on purchasing in your marketing area. If not, don’t forget to ask them about a relocation referral and the importance of having a buyer’s agent represent them.

Homeowners thinking of selling, but presently not listed or represented will contact you directly about your buyer client. Remember to immediately disclose you represent the homebuyer. These home sellers become potential buyer client leads and future listing leads.

You can offer your buyer clients a tremendous advantage by posting them on the Buyer’s View website. Your clients may hear about listings and view properties not presently in the MLS.

They will be “Seeing the Best Deals First.”