Investor Information

The Markets
With 2 Million active REALTORS® and agents in the USA and better than 6+ Million annual homebuyers actively searching, Buyer’s View has an incredibly large audience opportunity it serves. Real estate professionals and their brokerages spend $12 Billion dollar annually on advertising. Our business model and platform are also applicable to the lending market place. Annually lenders spend about $14 Billion dollars on advertising. Both licensed agents and lenders are easily identified, approached and sensitized to spending hundreds of dollars per month to be seen. Our advertising and membership subscription revenue opportunity is substantial since there are thousands of advertising positions available in each market sector.

Longer term, we will make our platform available to all home trade professionals, this service sector represents a further annual spend of $17 Billion. Together our addressable advertising market is estimated to be just over $43 Billion, with millions of professionals engaged in these three home related sectors. Our platform’s ability to scale across the 25,000 communities in the USA in multiple sectors is unique and will significantly drive our long-term valuation and minimize our development costs.

Competitive Advantage
We have an experienced senior management team complemented by a strong marketing and development team, each with deep IT, social media marketing, buyer agency and lending market experience. Our subscription service and business model use an elegant supply and demand model for featuring tens of thousands of agents, lenders and professional trades across the 25,000 communities we intend to serve.

The Buyer’s View platform today allows buyer agents to feature their buyers anonymously and for Free. Our Freemium model drives adoption, traffic and our brand, supporting a lucrative secondary display advertising revenue stream. The marketing expense to be seen on our platform versus other marketing portal platforms is minimal. Our referral leads cost our agents, lenders and professionals a very modest monthly amount and in some markets it may actually be free to advertise. Our subscribers are likely to earn a valuable starter conversation with prospects from inquiries. It just makes sense for agents, lenders, service professionals and buyers to be seen on the Buyer’s View portal and platform.

Management Team

  • Robert (Bob) McAvoy is founder and Chief Visionary Officer
  • Jeff Rapson is President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark Hahs is CTO and VP of Platform Development
  • Sue Mundell is Director of Financial Planning
  • Lara Gray is Director of Marketing
  • Justin Johnson is Business Development Manager

Advisory Board

  • Andrea O’Brien of the Small Business Development Center, NH
  • Mathew Benson, JD, at Cook Little Rosenblatt and Manson PLLC
  • Jason Gagnon, CPA at WIPFLi (Howe Riley Howe)

Intellectual Property
Two (2) Federal Trademarks are included in our IP portfolio

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